The Step To Myself


Inspired by nature and the very moment I am inviting you to dive into the beauty of self exploration.

Learn how to balance your own nature with simple, strong and subtle yoga techniques.

You will be guided to breathe, touch, cheer, relax, express, chant, sweat, laugh, meditate, restore, soften and strengthen through the asana practice, while I am leading you to finally surrender in Shavasana.


Elemental Yoga Therapy unites the wisdom of natural healing arts.

Integrating the Eastern medical knowledge based on Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda with the healing powers of yoga allows us to successfully work with many modern diseases, as well like injuries and emotional imbalance. Personalized programs, specially designed for you based on your constitution, ease physical discomfort or support emotional health.

In a one-to-one session we find out what has influenced you, where you’d like to go, what your desires are, but most importantly how you feel in this very moment.

To know more about you allows me to tailor-make your personal yoga sequence. Along with this you will receive dietary or lifestyle recommendations, as we look at this in a holistic way. With Elemental Yoga Therapy you gain the great freedom to practice whenever you want, wherever you are. You soon start feeling the first benefits of your very own practice.

Bringing the wisdom of nature in your own practice will allow you to align the five elements of nature within you.


Everything in our bodies is connected, on all levels.

A Yin Yoga based class with seated, supine or prone poses, using tennisballs or blocks, moving only as little as it’s necessary to take our body into the deep relaxation you were looking for a long time.

Stillness is the key. Poses are held for a long time, so we reach the deeper layers – the myofascia. Too much can cause stress in our bodies, on the outside and inside. We are diving into a deep nourishing practice to restore the body and activate your self-healing.


If the body has been experiencing any physical stress, dehydration, injuries, poor posture or emotional trauma, a connective tissue issue can result in abnormal pressure on the bones, muscles, organs and nerves.

Over time, tension in fascia can affect all areas of the body.

Myofascial Bodywork is a very effective therapy, experienced like a gentle touch or deeper pressure, applied hands-on, but as well with tennis balls or blocks.

Focusing on the connective tissue, it supports the release of tensions which can directly relax and improve the health of the fascia, providing lasting and effective relief and healing.


A class to uplift and empower women’s health & vitality through designated movements, conscious breathing and meditation.

Connect with the woman that you truly are. Feel the beautiful pulsation in your feminine body. unveil your own essence. This world needs women who are lovingly balancing strength and grace.


Through Soul Whispering I invite you to allow your inner voice to call for her true longings.

Inspiring you to shutter your limits, expand your boundaries and listen to what your soul desires.

While we unfold and embark to a beautiful journey we are listening to your deepest whispering and honoring this inner voice.


Creating individually designed programs for those interested in fasting, purification, transition to veg(etari)anism and generally a healthy lifestyle.

Your receive guidance and support on all levels, regularly or as per your needs.

Your program is based on your constitution, with adaptable, logic and lifestyle supporting recommendations suiting your everyday lifestyle and needs.


After a Soul dive I dropped my business career. It occured to me that that my path is closely connected to truth, nature, a purpose- and meaningful lifestyle. Travelling and teaching all over the world since more than a decade, a nomad by heart, with an unbroken spirit I inspire others to look at their life, embrace their inner power, improve their health, and find overall contentment.

As a Yoga Teacher & Therapist, Bodyworker, Intuitive Guide and Teacher of Women’s Healing Arts my mission is to demystify, simplify and translate your experiences and bring health, love and natural wisdom into your everyday reality, supporting you on your path and enhancing your life quality.


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Violeta Sredojevic
Asbacher Str 34a
90449 Nürnberg
+49 176 70995689

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Violeta Sredojevic

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